Vision X: XPL Curved Halo LED Light Bar

Vision X has entered the curved LED light bar segment with a vengeance: XPL Curved Halo bars feature a sleek, low-profile housing that follows the natural curves of your vehicle, making them ideal for roof and bumper applications. With single-row light output measured at over 23K raw lumens and boasting a broad spot beam pattern that reaches more than 1,800 feet, Vision X XPL curved halo light bars pack a punch that belies their slim design.

Available in 20” (front bumper), 30” (stock RZR cage), 40” (aftermarket cage/mid-size roof), 50” (full-size roof), and 54” (full-size roof) lengths, with a smooth backlit halo.


  • 2” low-profile design with 5-watt Cree LEDs.
  • Smooth backlit halo (20” is SAE J3098 compliant).
  • Includes end-cap wing and stud mounts and wiring harness with lighted rocker switch.
  • Available in 20”, 30”, 40”, 50”, and 54” lengths.
  • Warranty: limited lifetime.


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