PerTronix: Plug-and-Play Flame-Thrower Billet Distributors

Featuring PerTronix’s exclusive and patented Ignitor II or Ignitor III electronics, CNC-polished Flame-Thrower billet distributors offer maximum ignition performance and easy installation thanks to plug-and-play connectivity. And because of their small size, these distributors are an excellent choice for tight engine compartments. Factory set with a performance advance curve, with additional springs provided for custom curves.


  • Cobalt magnets and Hall Effect trigger for stable timing and precise spark distribution.
  • Constantly adjusts dwell angle to maintain peak energy throughout the RPM range.
  • Synchronized peak current and real-time spark timing adjustments.
  • Tempered distribution shaft and precision-stamped advance weights.
  • Warranty: 30 months (electronics); 1-year limited (mechanical).

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