MSD Performance (8772): Pro Mag A/Fuel Power Grid Controller

The Pro Mag A/Fuel Power Grid Controller from MSD Performance is designed for use with MSD’s Pro Mag 44 in drag racing applications (that compete in the Top Alcohol Dragster category or sanctioning bodies that allow electronic ignition timing control when using a single or dual Pro Mag system).

The programming can be done via computer using cable or Bluetooth. Users can create up to 12 different timing curves, which can be overlaid to choose the right one at the last minute.


  • Provides a programmable time-based timing curve with up to 30 points.
  • Stores up to 12 different timing maps.
  • Easily transfer or change timing maps while in the staging lanes.
  • Limited Bluetooth connection.
  • Individual cylinder timing.
  • Data acquisition.
  • Configure Power Grid data to Racepak.

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