Mishimoto (MMBCC-CF): Carbon Fiber Baffled Oil Catch Can

continues to swing big in its ceaseless quest to “push the limits,” and it’s hit another winner with its all-new carbon fiber baffled oil catch can. This product enjoys an increased 7.4 fl. oz. capacity and 3K carbon fiber construction, which combine to reduce weight and enhance the aesthetic of your engine bay.

The MMBCC-CF features a uniquely designed baffle insert that makes short work of separating oil and blow-by contaminants. Clean air is then routed through Mishimoto’s high-flow filter material, which further guards against any rogue oil droplets without compromising the improved airflow characteristics—even in freezing weather.

Servicing and fluid checks are now easier, too, thanks to the quarter-turn lid. Both the catch can and filter are fully serviceable. Backed by Mishimoto’s lifetime warranty.


  • 3K twill-weave carbon fiber reduces weight and improves engine bay look.
  • Quarter-turn lid makes checking levels quick while still providing an airtight seal.
  • 4 fluid ounce capacity lengthens service intervals.
  • Cyclone baffle blades were designed using computational fluid dynamics for improved air-oil separation.
  • High-flow filter adds an extra layer of protection without affecting PCV/CCV pressures on high-boost applications.
  • Universal CNC billet bracket mounts the can securely.
  • Safe for pressurized applications.
  • Filter and can are fully serviceable.
  • Warranty: lifetime.

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