Old-Brands available from NPW-Karbelt

Vendor Line Code Description
104+ Octane
See Gold Eagle
303 Protectant GEA See Gold Eagle
3M 3MM Abrasives, Chemicals
801 Racing Fuel Additive 801 Pills for Fuel, Performance Additive
Synthetic Chamois
ACC Performance/Boss Hog ALB Torque Converters
Accel ACC Ignition Systems & Components
Access Covers AGR Truck Bed Covers / Tonneau Covers
AC-Delco ACD Spark Plugs
ACI ACI Window Motors & Regulators
ACL Bearings ACL Engine Bearings
ACT ACT See Advanced Clutch Technology
Actron/Bosch ACR Gauges, Test Equipment
Advanced Clutch Technology ACT High Performance Clutches
Advanced Engine Design AED Performance Carbs & Parts
Advanced Engine Management AEM EFI, Computers & Controls
Adventure HD Cameras WAS Entry Level Sport Cameras by Cobra Electronics
AED AED See Advanced Engine Design
AEM AEM EFI, Computers & Controls
Aeromotive AEO Serious Performance Fuel Systems
Aeroquip Inc AER High Pressure AN Hoses, Fittings & Access.
Aervoe Paint Products AVP Engine Enamels, Automotive Paint & Chemicals
Air Ride Technologies ARI See Ride Tech
Airaid AIR Cold Air Induction Systems, Perf Replacement Filters,
Throttle Body Spacers
Airlift ALC Suspension Air Bags; Air Struts
Airtex Fuel Pumps AIT Fuel Pumps
Aisin ASN Water Pumps & Timing Belt Kits
Akmi KMH HD Truck Parts
Allstar Performance ASP Circle Track Racing Components
Al’s Liner ALS DIY Spray-On Bedliners
Altronics Performance ALT Weather Stations
Alumaseal GEA See Gold Eagle
American Forge AFF Service Jacks, Lifting Equip
American Grease Stick AGS Chemicals & Drain Plugs
Ammco AMN Brake Lathe Parts
Ammex AMM Gloves, Nitrile & Latex
Amp Research AMP PowerSteps
AMS Automotive AMS Clutches, Flywheels, Hydraulics and Lift Supports
Anco ANC Complete Line of Wipers & Washer Pumps
APDI APD Radiators and Heater Cores
Apex Gaskets APE Engine Gaskets
Applied Racing Tech APP Chassis Components
Aries Automotive AOL Seat Protectors, Floormats
Aries Automotive AOR Side Bars, Bull Bars, Jeep accy.
Armor All ARM Protectants
ARP(Automotive Racing Prod.) ARP Competition Quality, Performance Fasteners
ATI ATI Performance Trans and Dampers
Atlantic Automotive Engineering AAE Steering systems & components
AtomicLED ATO Strobing Cab Lights
ATP Auto. Trans. Parts ATP Transmission Parts, Balancers, Exhaust Manifolds
Auburn Gear AUB Posi Traction Units
Auto 7 AU7 Hyundai, Kia Parts
Auto Body Master – APW ABM Body Shop Supplies
Auto Rod Controls ARC Switch Panels
Auto Ventshade VEN Ventvisors, Hood Shields, Bugshields,
Front End Dress Up Items in Smoke & Chrome
Autolite AUT Spark Plugs
Autometer AOM Performance Tachometers and Gauges
B&M Automotive
Perf. Transmissions & Converters
B M R Distributing Inc DDE Radiator Caps
B&B Manufacturing BBW Ignition Wires; Battery Terminals; Coil on Plugs
Backrack BRK Pickup Truck Cab Racks
Baer Brakes BAE Performance Brake Kits & Components
BAK Industries BAK Truck Bed Covers / Tonneau Covers
BANDO BELT BNO Serpentine Belts
Barry Grant/Demon BAG Demon Carbs & Fuel Pumps
Bar’s Leak BAR Radiator, Head Sealant, Rislone Oil Addtive
BBB Industries BBB Reman & New Electrical, Pace Brand; Wilson HD Starters
& Alternators Powersport Starters
& Alternators for Offroad & Aquatic
BBB Power Steering BBS Reman. Power Steering Pumps, Gearboxes, Rack & Pinion
BBK BBK Performance Intake & Exhaust Parts
BCA (Now National Bearings) BCA Bearings(formerly BCA,
now called National Bearings by Federal Mogul)
Be Cool Inc BCI Cooling Systems, Radiators
Beck Arnley BEC Import Car Parts
Bed Rug BED Pick-Up Bed Mats
Bell Tech BEL Lowering Kits & Shocks
Berry Plastics, Tape NTC Tape Products
Berryman Products BRY Chemicals
Best Gaskets BST Vintage Engine Gaskets
Bestop BES Jeep Tops, Jeep Accessories, Truck Products & Accessories
Better Brake Parts PBH Brake Hardware/Hold Down Kits
Big Country BIG Step Bars, Grill Guards
Black Mountain Precision BMP Blower Belts, Cog Belt Systems, ALT & P/S Brackets
Blaster Chemicals BLA P-B Blaster Penetrating Oil
Blue Devil Chemicals UNP Blue Devil Chemicals
BMR Fabrication BMR Chassis Components
BoltLock BOL One Key Lock Systems
Bondo BDO Consumer PBE products
Borgeson BRG Steering Columns, Shafts, Components
Bosch BOS Spark Plugs, O2 Sensors, Wiper Blades
Brandit Tool Boxes BR1 Private Label Tool Boxes with Your Logo!
Breeze BRE Hose Clamps & “Including T-Bolt Clamps”
Bulldog Winch BLD Winches & Accessories
Bully Dog BUL Diesel and Gas Programmers for Cars and Trucks
Bushwacker BUS Fender Flares & Side Bed Caps
Buss Fuses BUM Automotive Fuses
Tensioners & Prestone Cooling Hoses
Camco Manufacturing CAM Chemicals
Canton Racing Products CAN Oil Pans And Accessories
Cardone CAD Anti-Lock Brakes; Rebuilt Distributors;
Electric Motors; Smog Pumps;
Electronics; Vacuum Pumps; Rmfg. Master Cylinders
Carlson Brake Hardware CAS Brake Hardware
Carr Mfg. CRR Truck, Utility steps
Carrand CRD Car Cleaning Products
Carriage Works CWS Billet Grilles
Cartech ( see SA Design) SAD Manuals
Carter/Federal Mogul CAR Hi-Performance Fuel Pumps
Castrol Oil CAO Oil & Lubricants
Centerforce Clutches CTF Performance Clutch Kits & Flywheels
Centric Parts CEN Complete Brake Program; Pads, Shoes,
Hydraulics, Calipers, Rotors,
Drums, Seals, Wheel Bearings and Hubs
Century Drill & Tool CDP Drill Bits, Taps & Dies, Accessories
Champion – Cooper CHA Spark Plugs
Chassis Engineering CEG Chassis Components
Chassis Saver MGP Chassis paint
Chevron CHE Oil & Lubricants
Cific International CIF New Cylinder Heads
Cipa Mirrors CIP Mirrors
Citgo Oils CIG Engine oils
ClearPlus PPW Wiper Blades
Clevite CLE Engine Bearings and Engine Components
Clore CLA Booster Packs, Battery Chargers & Power Inverters
Cloyes CLO Timing Components
Cobra Cable Ties CBR Cable Ties
Coleman Cable COL Battery Jumpers, Chargers and Battery Accessories
Cometic Gaskets CMG Performance Gaskets
Comp Cams COM Camshafts, Performance Engine Parts, F.A.S.T. , Nitrous
Competition Engineering COE Performance Chassis Parts, Traction Systems
Covercraft COV Car Covers, Masks, Seat Covers
Crane Cams CRN Camshafts
CRC Industries CRC Full Line of Chemicals
Crower CRO Performance Engine Parts
Curt CUR Hitches & UC Receivers; 5th Wheels, Accessories
Custom Accessories CAI W/S Shields, Steering Wheel And License Covers
CVR Electrical CVR Pumps & Starters
Daikin Clutches
See Exedy
Damper Dudes DDR Remanufactured Harmonic Balancers
Dart DAR Street, Race Cylinder Heads, Blocks
Dash Design DSH Dash Covers
Davico Mfg. DVI Direct Fit & Universal Catalytic Converters
Dayco DAY Full Line Belts, V-Belts, Serpentine Belts, Hoses,
Timing and Bulk Hose and Tubing,
Tensioners, Water Pump Kits
Daystar DSP Lift Kits and Urethane Bushings; Jeep Accessories
Daytona Sensors DTS Ignition Boxes & Controls
DEA DEA Motor, Transmission & Strut Mounts
Deezee DEE Tool Boxes, Side Caps & Accessories
Deka DEK Batteries, Battery Cables & Accessories
Delphi DLP Fuel Pumps
Deltran Corporation DTR Battery Tender
Demon BAG See Barry Grant
Denso DEN O2 Sensors, Iridium Spark Plugs, New AC Compressors,
MAF Sensors, New Starters & Alternators
Derale DER Cooling Products, Fans & Trans
Design Engineering DEI Thermal Heat & Sound Protection
Diablo Sport DIA Programmers
Diamond Racing Pistons DIM Pistons
DNJ Engine Comp. (aka Rock) ROC Engine Parts: Gaskets, Valves, Rod & Main Bearings,
Pumps, etc.
Dorman DOR Complete Line
Dorman DBR Brakes
Doug’s Headers DGS Headers & Exhaust Accessories
Duplicolor VHT See VHT
Durabond Bearings DBB Cam Bearings, Seats, & Shims
Dynomax Performance Exhaust WAL Perf Exhaust Kits, Headers, Mufflers
Eagle Cranks
Rotating Assemblies, Pistons, Rods, Cranks
Earl’s EAR AN fittings & hose
Eastern Precision Machine MIS Torque Converters for GM, Ford & Mopar.
Eastern Water Pumps EAS New Water Pumps
Eaton AER See Aeroquip
Ecogard Filters ECG Engine oil, fuel, transmission & cabin filters
Eco Absorbent Technologies ECO Floor Absorbent
Edelbrock EDE Manifolds, Carbs & Engine Accessories
Edelmann EDL Brass Fittings, Packaged Fittings, Brake Lines,
and P/S Hose
Edge Products EDG Programmers
EFS Combust EFS Perf Fuel Enhancer
Egge Machine EGG Pistons, Valves & Bearings
EGR Products EGR Ventgards, Hoodshields, Fender Flares
Eibach EIB Coil Springs, Coil-Over Kits, Sway Bars
Eiko EIK Miniature & Halogen Bulbs, Sealed Beams
Elgin ELG Valve Train & Engine Parts
Energy Suspension ENE Performance Bushing Kits
EP Minerals EPM Floor Dri
Evans Cooling ECS Waterless Engine Coolant
Excel Gears RIC OE Grade Ring & Pinions, Axles
Exedy Clutches EXE Performance and OE Clutches aka Daikin
Exide EXI Batteries
Extang EXT Truck Bed Covers / Tonneau Covers
FAST (part of Compcam)
EFI Systems & Components
Fast Fluid Transfer FAS Fluid Transfer Systems
Fastway FPM Towing Accessories & Weight Distribution Hitches
FCS FCS Complete Strut Assemblies
Federal Mogul FED Engine Bearings, Pistons, Rings, etc.
Fel-Pro – Federal Mogul FEL Replacement & Performance Gaskets
Ferrea Valves FER Valves
FIA Horns FIA Horns
Fia Seat Covers FSC Winter Cold Fronts, Seat Covers
Fidanza FID Perf Clutches & flywheels
Filter Solutions FSP Water Removal, Filtration Systems For Fuel
Firestone Industrial Products FIR Air Bags
FiTech Fuel Injection FIT Fuel Injection Kits & Components
Five Star Engine Heaters KAT Engine Heaters
Fix A Flat SLM Tire Sealant-Inflator
FKB Bearings Inc. FKB Rod Ends, Spherical Bearings
Flaming River FLA Steering Columns, Shafts, Components
Flex-A-Lite FLE Electric, Fiberglass, Aluminum Fans & Trans Coolers
Floor Dry Products FDP Floor Dry
Flowmaster FLO Performance Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
Flowtech FLT Headers and Mufflers
Fluidampr FLU Performance Dampers
FMI Water Pumps FMI Water Pumps
Ford Performance Parts FMS Factory Ford Performance Parts
Forney Welding FRN Welding Supplies
Four Seasons FOU Complete Heating & Cooling Parts and Service Items
Fragola FRG AN fittings & hose
Fram FRA Performance Filters
Freezetone FRZ Cooling System Chemicals, W/ Washer Solvent
Freon TCC See Technical Chemicals
Gardner-Westcott Company
S.S. & Chrome Fasteners
Gates Rubber Company GAT Hoses, Belts, Tensioners, Timing Belts,
Hydraulic Hose and Fittings
GB Remanufacturing GBR Remanufactured Fuel Injectors Gas & Diesel
Geddex GED Window Dial in Marker
Genie Shifters GNE Street Rod Parts
G-Force Racing GFR Safety Equipment, Helmets, Harnesses, Apparel
Gibson Performance Exhaust GIB Truck Exhaust Kits Gas, Diesel
Gilmore GIL Air Conditioning and Heating Parts
Glass Chalk GLA Dial-In Polish
Global Air Conditioning GPD Air Conditioning and Heating Parts
Global West GLO Tubular Control Arms
Gojo GOJ Hand Cleaner
Gold Eagle Products – APW GEA Chemicals
Goodson Tools GAM Shop Tools & Supplies
GoRhino GOR Step Bars, Grille Guards, Bumpers
GPS Automotive GPS Disc brake conversion kits, master cylinders,
boosters & components
Grant GRA Steering Wheels & Accessories
Grote GRO Lighting Products
Ground Force GRF Tuned Lowering Systems; Spindles
GSP GSP Hub Bearings/Assemblies, CV Shafts
GT Performance GTS Steering Wheels & Accessories
H3R Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguishers
Hamburger HMM Oil Pans & Engine Accessories
Harlan Sharp Rockers CSP Roller Rocker Arms
Harwood HAR Hoods & Scoops
Hastings HAS Piston Rings
Hawk Brake HAW Performance Brake Pads
Hayden HAD Fan Clutches, Oil Coolers
Haynes HYN Repair Manuals
Hays Clutches HAY Performance Clutches
Heat Shield Products HSP Thermal Control
Hedman Hedders HED Performance Hedders & Exhaust Accessories
Heli-Coil HEL Thread Repair
Hella Lighting HLA Lighting, Work Light, LED, Bulbs, Horns
Hellwig HEW Hi-Po Springs & Suspension Parts
HERI Axles HRI 100% New CV Axles
Herrero & Sons HER Floor Mats & Steering Wheel Covers
Highland HGH Towing Accy & mudflaps
Hitachi HIT High Torque Starters
Hi-Tech Duravent HTD Specialty Hoses
Holley HOL Performance Carbs, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Injection
Hooker HOK Headers & Accessories
Hoppy HOP Funnels & Drain Pans
Hotchkiss HOT Suspension Components, Control Arms,
Sway Bars, Coil Springs
Howards Cams HWD Cam Kits, Valve Train, Rods, Cranks
H-P Books HPB Books and Guides to Performance Vehicles and Engines
Huerta Chemicals HUE H7 Degreasers
Hurst HUR Manual & Automatic Perf. Shifters & Accessories
Hushmat HSM Thermal & Sound Control
Husky Liners HUS Floor Liners, Mudflaps & Cargo Organizers
Hypertech HYP Computer Programmers
Icon Pistons
Performance Forged Pistons with or w/o Rings
Ignition Products IGP Cut-Outs & Power Supplies
Ingalls Engineering ING Complete Chassis Line
Inglese Injection (part of Compcam) COM FI Systems
Innovate Motorsports INN Air Fuel Ratio Monitors
Innovative Machine INS Cylinder Head Shims
Interdynamics INT Air Conditioning Chemicals & Accessories
International Distributors PPF Oil, Air, Fuel Filters
Inventive Marketing MOM Motor Feet Engine Stands
Irontite ITC Block Sealers / Crack Repair
Isky Cams ISK Cams And Valve Train
ITM Engine Components ITM Import Engine Components, Gaskets, Fuel Pumps, Timing
J.B. Weld
Jaz Products JAZ Fuel Cells, Seats
JBA Headers JBA Headers
JE Pistons SRP Pistons & Rings
Jesel JES Valve Train Components
Jet Performance JET Hi-Po Carbs, Chips, Transmissions
Joe Gibbs Driven Oil JGD Performance Motor Oil
Jomar Engineering JOM Stud Girdles
Jones Exhaust JEX Mufflers, Exhaust System Components
JTT Products JTT Wire, Terminals & Switches/Sockets
JW Transmissions JWP Transmissions And Parts
K&N Engineering
Performance Filters And Induction
K Source KSO RV Extension Mirrors
KB Pistons SIL Performance Hypereutectic Pistons with or w/o Rings
KC Hilites KCL Off Road Lighting
Keeper KEE Tow Straps & Tie Downs
Kenmonth Engine Co. KEC Crankshafts, Cylinder Heads, Reground Cams,
Reconditioned Connecting Rods,
Remanufactured Solid Lifters
Kimberly Clark KCC Paper Products, Scott Towels
Kirkey KIR Aluminum Racing Seats, Covers, & Roll Bar Padding .
Kline / SBI KLG Guide Liners / Tools
Koni Shocks KON Shock Absorbers
Krylon Paint VHT See VHT
K-Seal / Solv-Tech KSL Radiator Repair
KYB KYB Full Line Shocks, Struts & Mounts
Laclede Tire Chains
Tire Chains
Lakewood LAK Safety, Bell Housings & Traction Bars
Lanco & Harris LAN Engine Paints & Enamels
Lincoln LIN Lube Equipment
Lisle Tool LIS Specialty Tools
Little Tree CAF Air Freshners
LockRight RIC Easy Setup Locking Differentials
Loctite LOC Stick Threadlocker, Sealants, Nut Breaker, Tape
Lokar LOK Aluminum Street Rod Accessories
Lucas Oil Products LOP Oil & Fuel Additives
Luk Clutches LUK Clutches & Hydraulic Clutch Parts
Lunati LTI Performance Engine Parts
Lund LUN Truck Bed Covers / Tonneau Covers, Window Visors
MacNeil- Weathertech
Floormats, Ventgards, Mudflaps, Belts
Made 4 You Products MYP Accessories
Magnaflow MAG Perf Exhaust Systems, Mufflers, Catalytic Converters
MagnaFuel MAF Performance Fuel Pumps
Mahle Motorsports MAH Engine Components
Mahle/Clevite CLE See Clevite
Makes Waves MKW Gauges & Accessories, Electric Exhaust Cutouts
Mallory Ignition MAL Performance Ignition & Fuel Pumps
Manhattan Oil PPP Fuel Additives
Manley MAN Valves, Pistons, Rods & Valvetrain Components
Maradyne MAD Electric Fans & Controls
March Performance MAR Performance Pulleys & Serpentine Systems
Marshall Gauges MSH Performance & Vintage Gauges
Marvel Mystery Oil MVL Chemicals
MAS Chassis XCP Chassis Complete Line
MBRP Performance Exhaust MBP Diesel Performance Exhaust Kits & Components
McGard MCG Wheel Locks
McLeod Industries MCL Hi Performance Clutch Components & Related
Mechanix Wear MEC Mechanic’s Gloves
Mega Automotive MGA Shocks & Struts
Meguiar’s Wax MEG Car Wax
Melling MEL Engine Parts: Oil Pumps, Cams, Lifters, Timing, Valves, etc.
Mickey Thompson Tires MIC Drag Racing Tires, Street Performance Tires,
Off Road and Street Truck Tires
Midwest Can MWC Fuel Containers
Milodon MIL Performance Oil Pans & Engine Components
Milton MLT Tire Hardware
Mobil 1 MOB Oil & Racing Oil
Monroe MON Shock Absorbers, Struts Complete Line
Moog – Federal Mogul MOO Replacement Suspension Parts
Mopar Performance MOP Factory Dodge Performance Parts
Moroso Performance MOR Performance & Racing Parts
Moser MSR Rear Axle Parts
Mothers Wax MPW Waxes & Polishes
Motive Gear MOT Ring & Pinions, Axles, Differentials
Motive Tech MTT Wheel Weights & Tire Shop Supplies
Motorcraft MTC Complete Line
Mouseblocker MSB 12v Mouse Deterrent Device
Mr. Gasket MRG Gaskets, Chrome Accessories, Engine Parts & Tools
MSD Ignition MSD Multiple Spark Ignition, Magneto & Powersport Systems,
Spark Plug Wire Sets, Fuel Systems
National Bearing
Bearings (now by Federal Mogul)
National Oil Seals NAT Oil Seals
NGK NGK Spark Plugs/Wire Sets/O2 Sensors
NGK/NTK NGK Spark Plugs/Wire Sets/O2 Sensors
NIFTY NPI Floor Mats
Nitrous Express NIX Nitrous Oxide Systems
Noco Battery NOC Battery Chargers & Jump Packs, Solar Panels
Northern Radiator NOR Aluminum Radiators, Shrouds & Accessories
NOS NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems
Notchead NHD Line clamps & the “Shop Grip”
NTN (New BCA) NTN Bearings/Seals
Obsolete Engine Parts
Engine Parts for pre-1955 Models & Hard to Find
Odor1 ODO Odor Elimination
Odyssey Battery ODY Deep Cycle Batteries
Offenhauser OFF Intake Manifolds
Omega / Sharc OME Power Steering Hoses
Optima Batteries OPT Performance Batteries
Optima Chargers OPC Battery Chargers
Oregon Chain ORE Chainsaw Chains
OTC/SPX Tools OTC Service Tools
Outerwears OUT Protective Filter Covers
Pace Economy Electrical
Packard Industries PAK Pistons, Bearings, Valves & Obsolete Engine Parts
Painless Wiring PAI Performance Wiring Systems
Parker Hydraulics PAR Hydraulic Fittings and Hose
Partsmaster PMA Power Steering Hoses
Partsmaster (GKI) XFI Cabin Air Filters, Fuel Filters
Patriot Exhaust Products PAT Exhaust
Patriot Performance PTR Cylinder Heads
Pavement Ends PAV Jeep Tops at Competitive Prices and Quality, Sold by Bestop
Peak PAF Antifreeze, OEM Brand
Pentosin CRP Industries PEN Chemicals
Percy’s PCY Exhaust Gaskets, Alignment Tool
Perfect Circle Rings PEC Piston Rings
Perfect Stop WAG Brake Pads & Shoes
Performance Accessories PER Bod-i-lift Kits
Performance Automatic PAU Performance Trans and Parts
Permatex PMT Adhesives & Chemical
Pertronix PEX Performance Ignition Parts
Peterson Lighting PEM Lighting Products
Philadelphia Racing Products PHR Racing Electric Water Pumps & Accessories
PIAA PIA Performance Lighting & Wiper Blades
Pico PIC Wire Terminals
Pilot Automotive PIL Auto & Truck Accessories
Pioneer PIO Motor Mounts
PJH Brands PJH Traction Compound
Plasti-Kote PTK Engine, Header, Caliper, Primer, Spray Paints
Platinum Driveline PDL Clutch kits and other driveline products
Plews PLW Lube Equip., Funnels, etc
Pollak POL Trailer Hitch Accessories, Toggle Switches
Portatree Timing Systems POR Drag Race Practice Trees
Power Brake Sales PBS Power Brake Boosters
Power Line Industries PWL Shop/Hand Cleaning Chemicals
Power Service PWS Diesel Fuel Additives
Power Train Components PTC U-Joints, Wheel Studs, Fuel, Cabin & Trans Filters
PowerBond Balancers DAY Replacement & Perf Harmonic Balancers
Powerhouse (part of Compcam) COM Engine Builder Tools
Powermaster POW New Performance Starters and Alternators
Powermaster Private Label PWB Perf. Alternators & Starters White Boxed P/L Program
Powerstop POS Cross-drilled/slotted rotors & pads
PowerTrax RIC Limited Slip Differentials
Precise Fuel Pumps PRI New Fuel Pumps and Strainers
Precision PPB Bearings/Seals
Precision Assemblies PRA Fuel Lines and Fittings
Precision- Federal Mogul PRE U-Joints
Precision Gaskets PRG Gaskets
Preferred Components PCI Timing Components
Prestolite Wires PSW Spark Plug Wire Sets, Coil on Plugs
Prestone PRS Prestone & Prime Antifreeze
Prochem PRO Cleaning Chemicals
Pro-Comp Electronics PCM Performance Parts
Proform PRF Valve Train, Mini-Starters, Tools, Distributors,
Chrome Engine Parts,
Original GM and Ford Dress Up Parts
Prolong PLG Additive
Promotive/PartsPro Select PPS Torque Converters, Fans, Coolers, Fuel Lines
& Brake Kits
Propods (owned by Autometer) PPD Gauge Pods
Proseal PSL Silicone Sealers/ Super Glue
ProTech CV Shafts PRT CV shafts/axles
Prothane Motion Control PUB Urethane Bushings
PRW Industries Inc. PRW Roller Rockers, Balancers, Water Pumps, Engine Parts
Pulstar Plugs PUL Hi-Perf Spark Plugs
Putco PUT Chrome & Stainless Truck Accy, LED Headlight Conversion
Pylon PYL Wiper Blades
Pypes Exhaust PYP Perf Exhaust Systems & Components
QA1 Motorsports
Shocks & Rod Ends
Qualcast QUC Valvetrain & Components
Quality Chain QCH Tire Chains
Quick Fuel Technology QUI Carburetors; Carb Parts
Quick Time QTM Bellhousings
R&M Specialties
Wire & Cable
Race Gas RCG Race Fuel Concentrate
Racepak RCP Racing Instrumentation, Data Logging & Wiring Solutions
Racequip RQP Safety Equipment
Racesport Inc. RSP LED Headlight Conversion Kits, LED Bulbs,
Flash Lights, Jump Packs
Racing Power Company SSP Chrome Accessories
Radiator Specialties RAD Engine Degreaser, Carb Cleaner, Brake Cleaner,
Various Chemicals
Ram Clutches RAM Performance Clutches, Flywheels and Hyd. Bearings
Rampage Products RPG Jeep & Truck Accessories
Rancho RAN Off Road Suspension
Ratech RAT Rear Axle Small Parts, Bearings, Gaskets,
Misc. Hard to Finds
Reach Cooling REA Radiators
ReadyLift Suspension Inc. RLS Leveling Kits
Redhorse RED Performance Plumbing
Redline Oil REO Synthetic Oil and Additives
Reliance Parts REP AGG & JD / Tractor Parts
Remflex REM Exhaust Gaskets – Unique Design
Retech RET Fuel Pumps, Remanufactured Calipers
Retrax RTR Truck Bed Covers / Tonneau Covers
Rhino Pac Clutches AMS See AMS
RHS or Racing Head Service COM See Comp Cams
Richmond Gear RIC Ring & Pinion Sets & Gear Boxes
Ride Tech ARI Air Suspensions Systems
Rigid Industries RGI LED Lighting
Ring Bulbs RIN Halogen and Specialty Bulbs
RJS Safety Equipment RJS Safety Equipment
Rocker Arms Unlimited RAU Remanufactured Rocker Arms
Roll-n-lock RNL Truck Bed Covers / Tonneau Covers
Roush Performance ROU Ford Performance Parts
Royal Purple ROY Synthetic Oil & Filters, Additives
Rubberqueen RUB Floormats
Rugged Liner\Cover RUG Bedliners, Truck Bed Covers / Tonneau Covers,
Wheel Well Liners
Russell Performance RUS Plumbing, Fluid Transfer Hoses, Fittings
& D.O.T. Brake Lines
SA Design – Cartech
How to & Do It Yourself Books
Safety Seal SAF Tire Repair Products
SBI SBI Engine Parts
Scat SCA Performance Rods & Crankshafts
SCE Gaskets SCE Performance Gaskets
Schumacher SCC Battery Chargers
Scorpion Coatings SCP Professional Spray-on Bedliner
Scorpion Rockers SCO Rocker Arms
Scott Paper Company KCC Paper Towels
Scribner SCR Fuel Jugs
SCT SCT Diesel and Gas Programmers for Cars and Trucks
Sea Foam SEA Chemicals
Sealed Power FED See Federal Mogul
SenSen Shocks SEN Shocks, struts & components
Sherwin Williams – SLC SWP PBE Products/Sundries
Silver Seal SIS Shop Supplies/Micro
Silvolite Pistons SIL Piston Sets OE Cast & Hypereutectic
Skyjacker Suspension SKY Lift Kits & Shocks
Slime SLM Slime Tire Sealant Products
SM Arnold SMA Surface Cleaning Supplies, Tools
Snow Performance SNO Water/Methanol Injection Systems & Components
Sonic SON New Electric Fuel Pumps & Strainers
Specialty Products Co. SPP Alignment products
Spectra-Premium SPM Radiators & Condensers
Spectre Industries SPI Air Intakes & Components, Chrome Products
Sportrack SPT Roof Racks, Cargo Carriers, Bike Racks
SRP SRP Pistons & Rings
Stabil GEA See Gold Eagle
Stage 8 SGF Locking Fasteners & Spindle Nuts in SAE&Metric
Stainless Steel Brakes SSB Hi Performance Disc Brake Conversion & Upgrade Kits,
Calipers and Rotors
Stampede Automotive Accessories STM Truck Accessories, Bug Shields, Window Visors
Standard Motor Products STD Domestic & Import Ignition Parts and Wires
Stant STA Caps and Thermostats
Steeda Motorsports STT Ford Performance Parts
Stewart Warner STE Gauges, Hobbs Switches, Lighting, Pumps
StopTech (See Centric) CEN Performance Brake Rotors, Kits, Cryo Rotors, Brackets
Suncoast Hoods SUN Hoods
Sunnen Products SNN Engine Reb. Equipment
Superchips Inc. SUP Programmable Computer Chips & Tuners
Superlift Suspension SSS Off Road Suspension
Superwinch SUW Winches & Hubs
Surf City Garage SUR Waxes & Polishes, Car Care
Sylvania Lighting SYL Bulbs, Headlights, Silverstar
System One SYS Billet Filters & Filter Systems
Taylor Cable
Complete Performance Wire & Cable
TCI TCI Transmissions, Torque Converters, Flexplates
Tech Smart TSM Enhanced Engine Control Products by SMP
Technical Chemicals TCC Automotive Aerosols, Fluids, Additives
Tekonsha TEK Brake Controllers
Temple Associates TEM Glass Bead / Shot Peen
Ten Factory MOT Performance Axles
TFP USA TFP Stainless & Chrome Fender Trim
The Ragman Co. RAG Cloth Rags
Thermoid THE Fuel, Vacuum, & Heater Hose
Thermo-Tec TMP Thermal Wrap and Sound Protection
Thread Kit Company TKC Thread Restoration Kits
Thread Kits TKC Thread Replacement Kits
Thread Wizard GTT Bolt cleaning tools
Thule THU Roof Racks, Cargo Carriers, Bike Racks
TI Automotive TIA Fuel Pumps (formerly Walbro)
Tiffin Products TIF Engine Parts
Tilton TIL High Torque Starters
Timbren TBM Suspension Enhancement Systems & Lift Kits
Timken Bearings TIM Bearings
Tire Inflator AIS Chemicals
Titan Tool TTC Hand Tools
T-MAX Winch (part of Westin) TMX Winches & High Lift Jacks
Toms-Agri Diesel TOM AG. Parts
Topline Automotive TOP Import Engine Parts Including New Lifters
Topline Lug Nuts TUI Lug Nuts & Wheel Accessories
Total Seal TOT Gapless Piston Rings
TracPro / Esco TRC Industrial Engine Parts
Tracrac TRR Sliding Contractor Racks
Trans-Dapt TRA Chrome Dress Up & Accessories
Transmission Specialties TRN Transmissions & Convertors
Tridon Flashers TRF Flashers
Tridon-Ideal Hose Clamps IDE Hose Clamps
Trimax TML Cable Locks, Pad Locks, Hasp Locks, Gun Locks
Tru-Flate TRU Tire Hardware
Truxedo TRX Truck Bed Covers / Tonneau Covers
Truxstuff TRK AAM Private Label Truck Accessories
Tuff Country Suspension TUC Leveling Kits, Shocks, Lift Kits, Parts
Tuff Stuff TUF Billet Parts; Chrome Alternators & Starters
Turbo Action TBA Automatic Trans & Shifters
TYC TYC Fan Assemblies
One Piece Truck Bed Covers
United Welding Supply UWS Aluminum Tool Boxes
USA Progrip UPG Ratchet Straps, Tow Ropes, Stretch Bed Restraints
Valvoline VAV Motor Oil
Vapex VAP Rebuilt Carburetors; New Distributors; Smog Pumps
VDO Instruments, Gauges VDO Gauges
VHT Paints by Duplicolor VHT High Temp, Engine, Specialty Paints
Viair VIA Air Pumps
Vibrant Products VIB Exhaust/Air Intake Components, Fabricator Parts
Victor Gaskets VIC Gaskets
Victor Products VIP Tire Repair Products
Vision OE VSE New/Reman Starters/Alternators
Vision X USA VSN HID/LED Lighting & Halogen/LED bulbs
Vista Pro VIS Transpro Heater Cores, Radiators, A/C Condensors
Vumaxx VMX Universal Gauge Mounts
Wade (part of Westin)
Window Visors, Bug Shields
Wagan Tech WGN Inverters, Ion Boosters, Powerdomes
Wagner Brakes WAG Thermoquiet Brand Friction
Wagner Lighting WAG Sealed Beams, Halogen and Mini Bulbs
WAI Global WAI NEW Alternators, Starters, Distributors, Coil On Plug
& Camshaft Synchronizers
WAI Global WAI Best Look Up Site for WAI Starters & Alternators!
Walbro TIA Sold as TI Automotive, Replacement
& Performance Fuel Pumps
Walker Components WKR Carburetor Parts, Kits All Brands, Bungs
Walker/Dynomax WAL Cal-Cat Converters, Gaskets & Hardware, Mufflers,
Headers, Exh. Systems, also see Dynomax
Warn Winch WAR Winches & Accessories
WASP WAS High Quality Action Sport Cameras
WD40 WDC Lubricants & Chemicals
Weathertech MCN See MacNeil
Weber Redline WEB New Retrofit Carb Replacement Kits
Weiand WEI Blowers, Intake Manifolds, Water Pumps
Weld Racing Wheels WRW Wheels
Westar PPM Motor Mounts
Westin Automotive WET Side Bars, Grill Guards, Bull Bars, LED Lighting
Whiteside Manufacturing WHC Creepers
Wilmar Tools WIL Hand Tools & Specialty Tools
Wilson Manifolds WIM Intake Manifolds and Spacers
Wilson Starters & Alternators BBB See BBB
Wilwood WIB Performance Brakes
Wix Filters WIX Complete Line of Oil, Air, Trans, Filters
Wolo WOL Air Horns & OE Replacements
World Castings WLD Performance Cylinder Heads & Blocks
XS Power Batteries
Performance Batteries
Yukon Gear & Axle
Ring & Pinion Sets, Gear Boxes, Axles
See Comp Cams