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Originally created to advance engine and driveline lubricant performance in all-out

race and high performance engines, the Job Gibbs Driven Racing Oil brand now extends beyond the racetrack to the street!

The oil and fuel you bought 10 years ago is not the same as today’s oil due to legislation requirements. Reduced quantities of anti-wear chemistries like Zinc, Phosphorus and Sulfur in the oil. Ethanol (for oxygenated emissions) in today’s fuel significantly increases the risk of carburetor and fuel system correction. The problems caused by Ethanol in gasoline and oil are compounded by long periods of storage between uses. Even Diesel oil has changed. Diesel drivers are experiencing  poor starts, misfires, rough running, engine shut off and black smoke, all of which were attributed to deposits of sodium carboxylate slats in the injectors, as well as reduced lubricity and a low cetane rating in the fuel.

Oil used in an engine needs to be formulated specifically for that type of engine & usage. This is where Driven excels. Driven design application specific products. They offer full synthetic race oils to engine break-in oils that deliver enhanced performance, protection and value. Their oils require no additional additives. Following is a sampling of what they offer.


P/N 00106 (BR Break-In 15W-50 Motor Oil, 1 qt.)
Provides maximum protection available for cams and lifters during initial break-in.
This petroleum oil provides the highest levels of zinc and phosphorus for flat-tappet engines. The additive package promotes ring seal and provides maximum protection available for cams and lifters during initial break-in.

P/N 01806(BR30 Break-In 5W-30, 1 qt.)
For modern OEM rebuilds and hydraulic lift engines.  Also good for restrictor plate engines, drag race engines, and for full power pulls on the dyno, one night of racing or up to 400 miles on the street. Provides excellent ring sealing.

P/N 03706 (BR40 Break-In 10W-40, 1 qt.)
Well suited for classic muscle car, European sports car and motorcycle engines. Ideal for flat tappet and aggressive roller valve trains , as well as Ethanol-blended, pure Methanol and oxygenated race fuels.

P/N 00728 (Engine Assembly Grease, 1 lb.)
Apply to cams, lifters,  on distributor gears, rocker shafts, rocker tips, pushrod tips, wrist pins and valve guides for break-in protection.


P/N 04106 (FR50 5W-50, 1 qt.)
FR50 provides the required viscosity for Ford Coyote oiling and variable valve timing systems while d

elivering the wear protection needed for performance cams. Ideal for crate up to supercharged Ford Coyote engines.

P/N 03006 (FR20 5W-20, 1 qt.)
Designed specifically for high performance Ford Modular and Chrysler 5.7L Hemi engines. Ideal for naturally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged engines that call for a 5W-20 viscosity. Utilizes advanced synthetic base oils to provide high temperature and high shear protection.


Features storage protection additives that guard against rust and corrosion during winter storage. No ZDDP or additives required.

P/N 01506 (HR4 Synthetic 10W-30,  1 qt.)
The ultimate in street/strip protection – Excellent start-up protection and the high temperature stability of a synthetic. Great choice for street/strip bracket racers.

P/N 01606 (HR3 Synthetic 15W-50,  1 qt.)

The perfect choice for modified “old school” muscle cars. Excellent protection for big blocks and looser clearance engines. Ideal for long stroke and/or high compression engines

P/N 02006 (HR2 Conventional 10W-30, 1 qt.)
Great for small block street cruisers and “crate” motors. 10W Multi-grade formula provides excellent start-up protection.

P/N 02106 (HR1 Conventional 15W-50,  1 qt.)
Well suited for a variety of hot rods, muscle cars and vintage vehicles. Excellent choice for a big block muscle cars, blown street rods and engines with original seals. Good for flat tappet, overhead and roller cam engines.

P/N 03806 (HR5 Conventional 10W-40,  1 qt.)
Well suited for a variety of hot rods and vintage vehicles and is appropriate to use in any engine that calls for a 10W-40 grade motor oil.

P/N 03906 (HR6 Synthetic 10W-40,  1 qt.)
Perfect choice for muscle cars, European vintage sports cars and classic motorcycles.


P/N 00006 (XP1 Synthetic 5W-20,  1 qt.)
For Briggs & Stratton Animal and Flathead engines running Methanol. also great for V-Twin style racing engines. Compatible with Methanol and high octane race fuels.Used by Joe Gibbs Racing in all their unrestricted engines.

P/N 00306 (XP3 Synthetic 10W-30,  1 qt.)
For crate, spec and custom built engines with clearance under .0027″. Compatible with Methanol and high octane race fuels. A higher viscosity version of XP1, it offers outstanding high-temperature, high-shear protection.

P/N 00506 (XP4 Conventional 15W-50,  1 qt.)
Applications include big block, flat tappet camshaft, nitrous and alcohol fueled drag engines. Excellent protection for dirt and nitrous racers who want to change their oil frequently.A high zinc, petroleum formula racing oil, XP4 offers low cost protection for racers who want to use non-synthetic oil.

P/N 00906 (XP5 Semi-Synthetic 20W-50,  1 qt.)
For high compression engines. Based on XP5 without the higher cost of a full synthetic.

P/N 01006 (XP6 Synthetic 15W-50,  1 qt.)
For Methanol fueled engines and high octane race fuels. Provides excellent bearing oil film thickness for aluminum blocks and looser clearance engines.

P/N 01706 (XP7 Semi-Synthetic 10W-40,  1 qt.)

For desert and off-road engines, IMCA modified engines, spec engines, flat tappet camshaft and hydraulic lifters engines. Designed for clearance under .0030″

P/N 03206 (XP9 Synthetic 10W-40,  1 qt.)
For high output steel block engines. Compatible with Methanol and high octane race fuels.


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