Holley Premium Mid-Mount LS/LS7 Complete Accessory System

Holley’s premium mid-mount complete accessory system has all accessories pulled in tighter than other accessory drives. At the heart of the system is a patent-pending “bracketless” design that allows the accessories to bolt directly to the water pump for a clean, integrated form factor. The design offers superb engine visibility to show off your horsepower—not your accessories.

When Holley says “complete,” they mean it. Full of swap-friendly features, this mid-mount system comes with everything you need, including the water pump, A/C compressor, alternator, P/S pump with reservoir, crank damper, all pulleys and belts, heater hose adapters, power steering to -6 AN hardline, and the alternator plug/harness. Color graphical instructions walk you through every step of the ultra-easy installation. The PN 20-190 system is ready for the racetrack or the street.


  • Fits LS7 and LS engines with dry sump and without supercharger.
  • Bracketless accessory mounting with easy assembly.
  • Bottom outlet heater hose options for swap application clearance.
  • LT1-style hairpin 150-amp alternator and water pump cartridge design.
  • Compact SD7 A/C compressor.
  • Type II power steering pump with baffled reservoir.
  • P/S adapter hardline to AN -6 adapter.
  • Steam tube input port and billet tensioner cover.
  • Shortened top outlet nipple for more radiator hose turns and routing room.
  • OE pulley ratios for optimal accessory performance.
  • No adapters/spacers required.
  • Billet alternator and compressor pulley covers.
  • SFI-certified damper with hard anodized billet crank pulley.
  • Works with all common aftermarket and factory throttle bodies and intakes.
  • Works with Hooker turbo manifolds.

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