FiTech (39610): Go EFI Tri-Power 600HP System

If you want to keep your muscle car look while upgrading to modern day EFI technology, check out the new Go EFI Tri-Power 600 HP system from FiTech. No special manifold needed for the retro-style 3×2 Go EFI system: it bolts on to most six-pack manifolds and is compatible with factory air intake systems. Adding EFI is an affordable way to boost economy without sacrificing performance.

This ready-to-run system sticks to the basic functions your street or mild performance engine needs. Each 39610 kit comes with three high-flow aluminum throttle bodies in a classic carburetor gold finish, external ECU (computer), and Bosch wide-band O2 sensor.

Note: For non-boosted engines (naturally aspirated applications only).


  • Classic carburetor gold finish.
  • Three 500 CFM throttle bodies.
  • Suitable for crate engines and performance builds up to 600 HP.
  • Bolts on to most 3×2 manifolds with no modification necessary.
  • Self-learning technology and easy tach input.
  • Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor with mounting kit.
  • Wet-flow technology with unique swirl spray annular discharge design for total atomization.
  • Bolt-and-go technology for out-of-the-box performance.

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