Energy Suspension’s HYPER-FLEX™ Performance Polyurethane Components

Energy Suspension is the world’s largest manufacturer of performance polyurethane automotive components!

If you are modifying, building a new vehicle from scratch or restoring an old one, Energy Suspension’s HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane should be the “ground zero” focus of your present and next vehicle plans!

These replacement polyurethane components are made with a unique and technically advanced chemical formulation performance polyurethane that stand up well to contaminants that often destroy rubber and have been engineered to give longer-lasting performance and not compress permanently.

The three most valuable reasons for using ENERGY SUSPENSION’S HYPER-FLEX ™ components are:

  • DURABILITY (These components do not rot or deteriorate from exposure to oils and undercar chemicals or atmospheric conditions like smog and ozone. Unlike O.E.M. rubber.)
  • PERFORMANCE (No mushy handling and poor steering response caused from rotten or deteriorated HYPER-FLEX™ parts.)
  • APPEARANCE (Available in red or black with some parts (i.e. shock boots and power bands) also available in other colours.)

Offered in a variety of durometers (firmness or softness), depending on the particular product application.

Parts offered are for sports compact, domestic, truck and universal applications and available in red or black.

Following are a sample of Energy Suspension parts available.


Have you checked your vehicle’s bushing lately?
Replace your worn or soft bushings for better alignment tracking while cornering, stopping and hard launching. These are a must for both lowered or raised vehicles where weight transfer causes distortion.

They are full floating and nonbinding for better caster and camber stability during hard driving. The rear control arm bushings controls wheel hop and increasing cornering control.  Many of their sets come complete with zinc   plated outer shells to prevent corrosion.


For the best of both worlds: smooth running for the street, strong for the track. Torque resistant yet comparable in strength to metal mounts.

MOTOR MOUNTS – for Engine Rebuild or Swap!

As strong as solid metal mounts yet dampen motor vibration and noise  with tough, compliant polyurethane.

Early Chevy styles have a patented “safety interlock” design (two sizes) for General Motors® muscle cars and hot rods are available in two metal finishes/plating: Zinc or Chrome plating.

The clam shell versions are re-engineered to deliver better performance under all conditions! The metal clam shell is separated and the new Energy Suspension polyurethane mount is placed between and the metal clam is reused. Saves you money and gives both lasting performance and durability!


The mounts for General Motors and Ford vehicles have a unique and patented metal safety locking feature to effectively control torque!  The interlocking feature of the mount gives added confidence against drive train and chassis/frame damage.  This feature delivers the extra strength to resist problematic torque forces.

Depending on the vehicle, Energy’s mounts can be used on both automatic transmissions and manual three, four, and five speeds.

Currently applications available include  various rear wheel drive General Motors cars and trucks, rear wheel drive Ford 5.0L Mustangs and several other Ford vehicles that are equipped with 5.0L engines and Chrysler rear wheel drive cars.  The General Motors style transmission mounts are available in either zinc or chrome metal plating.

Following is an explanation of Energy Suspension part numbers.

For more information of the these products and their part numbers, click here.


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