CURT: Retail-Friendly Multi-Fit Hitches

The ultimate multi-fit hitch has arrived. Brand-new from CURT are two multi-fit trailer hitch options, which fit nearly every full-size truck from Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GM, and Ram from 1999 to 2017—nearly 500 applications!

Why are they great for retailers? These two universal Class 3 hitches (SKU 13902 and 13093) eliminate the need to stock an endless assortment of vehicle-specific part numbers: two boxes on the shelf take care of the lion’s share of applications! In addition to their versatility, these hitches feature 8,000 lb. gross trailer weight and 12,000 lb. weight-distribution ratings. CURT has protected this product with a powder-coated finish and limited lifetime warranty. Plus, the informative, full-color packaging makes for an engaging planogram sure to attract attention.


  • Fits most full-size pickups from Ford, GM, Chevy, and Ram.
  • Precisely welded for superior strength and fit.
  • Requires no drilling on most vehicles.
  • Protected by a durable black powdercoat.
  • Strengthened with a cast, welded, seamless collar.
  • Open-back receiver allows for easy cleaning.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information contact your Karbelt sales rep.

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