CURT (51170): Spectrum Brake Control

If you’ve ever wished you could control all your trailer brake settings with an easy-to-use button from inside your cab, your wait is over. With its LED-illuminated rotary knob interface and separate main module with accelerometer, the Spectrum trailer brake controller from CURT gives you powerful, precise braking operation in a simple and subtle OE-inspired design. You can mount the Spectrum’s main module behind the dash of your vehicle—completely out of sight—while the compact, unobtrusive interface can be fully integrated into your dash with just a single hole.

The single rotary knob features a push-button that allows you to adjust brake power output, while its 10 tri-color LEDs (red, blue & green) show real-time power output. The design eliminates the need for a separate display or additional controls, keeping the dash of your vehicle clean, professional, and uncluttered.

CURT equipped the powerful main module with a triple-axis motion-sensing accelerometer that can detect the inertia of the vehicle and trailer on all axes of three-dimensional space. Whatever the speed or grade, the Spectrum produces the exact amount of power needed for a smooth, safe stop every time.

The 51170 can operate up to eight trailer brakes at a time, on vehicles with ABS brakes and cruise control, and it works with low-voltage and PWM systems. It installs in 10 minutes or less via the quick, vehicle-specific plug harness. CURT included automatic leveling and calibration features to further simplify the setup process.


  • Controls all brake settings with a simple push-button rotary knob.
  • Clean, dash-mounted, OEM-style user interface with 10 tri-color LEDs.
  • Main module can be mounted anywhere, at any orientation, out of sight.
  • Highly responsive, smooth stops with triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer.
  • Easily accessible manual override with the press of a button.
  • Plug-and-play installation.
  • Compatible with low voltage or pulse width modulation (PWM) systems.
  • Operates two–eight trailer brakes at a time (1–4 axles).
  • User-selectable power output and trailer brake light activation.
  • Automatic leveling and calibration eliminate setup requirements.
  • Built-in reverse-polarity and short-circuit protection.
  • Tow vehicle “low voltage” and trailer disconnect indicators.
  • Compatible with ABS and cruise control.
  • Two installation options: drill mount or surface adhesive mount.
  • Warranty: limited lifetime.

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