Competition Cams Camshafts

There are a huge number of aftermarket performance camshafts available. To find the right one for your engine application, you need to take into account your application and vehicle. Other important details include the engine, transmission, rear gearing, fuel induction system, weight of the vehicle, type of vehicle and all the rest. Selecting a camshaft solely based on the fact that it fits your type of engine is a recipe for disaster.

The following video explains camshafts and Competition Cams 4 types of camshafts:

  • Hydraulic Flat Tappet (least expensive & industry standard for 40 years. Common Usage: Mild street performance to mild race)
  • Solid Flat Tappet (low in cost, but more HP than hydraulic flat tappet, part of the muscle car era. Common Usage: Serious street performance to all-out racing)
  • Hydraulic Roller (more expensive than hydraulic flat tappet, great power, no break-in period extremely durable and easier/least maintenance of the 4 types of camshafts. Common Usage: Mild street performance to mild race)
  • Mechanical Roller (ultimate power, high ramp speeds & peak torque, Common Usage: great for racing)

Competition Cams has various series (categories) of camshafts. i.e.  Drag Racing™, Oval Track™,  Nostalgia Plus™, Factory Muscle™, Tri-Power Xtreme™, and  Xtreme Energy™.

If you have a 1997 Chevrolet 262-400 C.I.  with 8 cylinders street car, you may want to consider Xtreme Energy™ hydraulic flat tappet camshafts.

P/N 12-230-2 (For very strong torque, excellent mileage & smooth idle)

P/N 12-234-2 (For strong torque through low end and mid-range with good idle)

P/N 12-238-2 (For excellent response, good mid-range & noticeable idle)

P/N 12-242-2 (Great for street machines, largest cam for stock converter, better with 200+stall)

Click here for more information to assist you on selecting the proper camshaft for your application.

Competition Cams has made ordering easier for a “Power Engineered System” with their cam kits. All their kits contents vary from application to application. You simply select the proper camshaft for your application and add the kit prefix (“K”, “SK”, “GK” or “CL”) in front of your cam part number. I.E. if you choose cam part number 12-242-2 and you want the complete it, order K12-242-2.*

K-Kits (Complete)

Their “K-” kits are complete.  They typically come with camshaft, lifters, retainers, timing chain set, valve locks, value springs, value stem seals, assembly lube, decals & instructions.


SK-Kits (Small)

These smaller kits typically include camshaft, lifters, timing chain set, assembly lube, decals & instructions.


GK-Kits (Cam & Gear)

These Cam and gear kits include camshaft, gear drive, lifters, assembly lube, decals & instructions.


CL-Kits (Cam & Lifters)

These kits include camshaft, lifters, assembly lube, decals & instructions.


Unfortunately not all kits are available for every part numbered camshaft.


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