Auburn Gear Performance Differentials


Traction for Anything That Moves!

Auburn Gear limited-slip differential are engineered to provide smooth torque-sensing operation with bias ratios to meet your performance needs no matter what your application:

  • Performance or passenger cars, light duty trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, off road, or recreational vehicles.
  • From over the road daily driving to muddy trails and back roads.

Auburn Gear has a full range of differentials for Chrysler, Ford, GM and Toyota vehicles. All are also compatible with all ABS and electronic controls.

Auburn Gear’s high bias Pro Series and High Performance Series limited-slip differentials outperform standard OEM differentials hands down. They deliver more traction and faster engagement for controlled power transfer and lightning-fast reaction to changing load conditions.

This superior performance is achieved through an innovative cone clutch design which transfers more power to the high-traction wheel for quick acceleration and tight cornering.

Auburn Gear Performance Differential Series:

  • Pro – Limited-slip differential with cone clutch design offers increased durability and performance in normal street use. Turns your torque up another notch, offering an even higher bias ratio and lightening-fast sensing reaction to changing conditions than HP for the very best in controlled power transfer. No buttons to push, no leavers to pull, it goes into action when you accelerate. It handles superbly—on and off road.
  • HP – Limited-slip differential engineered to provide lightning-quick, torque-sensing traction with the correct bias ratios when you need it to out perform the competition. No buttons to push, no leavers to pull, it goes into action when you accelerate. It handles superbly—on and off road. For Street, track or muddy trails
  • Racer’s (ordered directly from the factory) Autocross Road Race Units performance limited-slip differential designed specifically for road racing. Features a differential case designed to allow the center pin to float along with the axle shafts. This design aids in cornering; when turning, the outside wheel axle shaft will apply a force to the center pin causing the pinion gears to firmly seat inside the cone/side gear assembly when cornering. This gives the racer an extremely “tight” rear axle. The greater the G-force the more bite you get!
    Backed by a one year limited warranty, plus an exclusive four years of coverage through the D-REX Program! For road racing.
  • Ected-Max ™(Electronically Controlled Traction Enhancing Differential) is a Limited-Slip Plus the Power of a Selectable Full-Locker. It’s the Only 2-in-1 ELECTRONICALLY Actuated Performance Traction Differential in existence on the market today! The driver controls the mode with a switch inside the vehicle which can be switched on or off “on the fly,” at any road speed. The ECTED Max can be switched to lock mode, which allows 100% torque transfer to both wheels. Go from high-performance traction control to a full-locker mode that delivers 100 percent torque transfer to both wheels for extreme-duty off-roading and high performance drag racing. Limited-slip traction for street and full locker performance for the strip in one differential. Can be used in front axle applications – with or without lockout hubs. However, it is not recommended for use in front axles that feature an “Inter-Axle Disconnect.” Auburn Gear highly recommends upgrading to a stronger ring and pinions and axles when prior to installing an Ected Max on your vehicle. Ideal for 4-WD vehicles that are used both on and off-road, street, strip and high performance drag racing .
  • MAX Lock Locker™ – fully automatic, locking differentials that deliver excellent traction output and allow full wheel differentiation when turning. 4×4’s can now be upgraded with a MAX Lock Locker™ to achieve the maximum traction performance expected of 4-wheel drive vehicles. 2-wheel drive vehicles can be transformed with the MAX Lock Locker™ to acquire better traction output than most conventional 4 x 4’s. Best alternative for obtaining high traction results whether you on the street, strip, track, on- or –off-road. No matter the conditions, whether it is in the snow, sand, mud, ice, etc. The MAX Lock Locker™ will provide you the traction you need.

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