ARP Fasteners – What’s Holding Your Engine Together?

Assemble Your Engine The Right Way With ARP Fasteners!

You spend a lot on your vehicle, not only the purchase, but on the updates and maintenance. However, without fasteners, your engine is just parts! So you don’t want to scrimp on what’s holding your engine together.  Don’t let your car have a broken engine caused by fastener failure!

ARP has established a reputation for “zero defects” quality throughout the industry. They maintain the quality by keeping everything in-house. ARP R&D Services include metallurgical research, product design, prototype machining and extensive laboratory testing. ARP performs every operation in house on their own equipment with their own employees from heading through machining, grinding, heat-treat, thread rolling, and shot-peening to black oxide treatment.

This company offers a comprehensive array of cataloged fasteners for the automotive and the company thrives on the challenges of developing fasteners to solve unique problems.

ARP has Your Application Secured!
With stock and custom-made fasteners, ARP has your application covered – from quality high performance OEM replacement parts to exotic specialty hardware for Formula 1, IndyCar, ALMS, NASCAR and NHRA drag racing and marine applications.

Over the years, racers, Pro Street enthusiasts and street rodders have approached ARP to make special fasteners for their application.

They have fasteners for:

  • Accessories:  Complete bolt kits, individual bolts form intake to oil pan
  • Cylinder Head: Studs & bolts, rocker arm studs & adjusters, valve cover and header studs
  • Driveline: Flywheel, flex and pressure plate, converter, rear end, wheel studs
  • Engine Block: Main studs & bolts, oil pan & pump, front cover and water pump
  • Engine Components:  Cam, harmonic damper bolts, fuel pump, pushrod, oil pump
  • Intake System: Manifold bolts, car, air cleaners & blower studs, coil, distributor
  • Rod Bolts: Replacement and for aftermarket applications
  • Tools: Rod bolt extenders, stretch gauge, ring compressor, thread chasers
  • Nascar Specialties:  Special fasteners for NASCAR competition
  • Sport Compact: Rod bolts, head bolts & studs, main bolts & studs, cam & accessory studs
  • Bulk Fasteners: Bolt 5-pack, washers, nuts, bulk bins, weld bunds, stand-off  brackets

Click here to check out ARP catalogue for more information on the products they develop and manufacture.

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