Allstar Performance Engine Cradles & Tools

Are you ready for your winter project? Not just the parts but do you have the tools to assemble your part?

Following is just a sampling of the many Allstar Performance tools available.


Allstar Performance engine cradles are for V* engines:

  • include Grade 5 fasteners
  • made of 1″ square tubing with black power coating
  • accept bolt-on wheels (kits)
  • can easily be disassembled for storage
  • available in standard duty or heavy duty.


Standard Duty Cradles: Heavy Duty Cradles:
P/N ALL10130 (SBC/BBC) P/N ALL10132 (SBC/BBC)
P/N ALL10138 (GM LS Series) P/N ALL10139 (GM LS Series)
P/N ALL10142 (Oldsmobile)
P/N ALL10144 (Pontiac)
P/N ALL10145 (SB Ford)* P/N ALL10148 (SB Ford)*
P/N ALL10147 (SB Ford Modular) P/N ALL10149 (SB Ford Modular)
P/N ALL10150 (SB Mopar) P/N ALL10152 (SB Mopar)
P/N ALL10154 (BB Ford)
P/N ALL10156 (BB Mopar)
P/N ALL10151 (Hemi 5.7 And 6.1)

*Designed to work with stock and most aftermarket blocks including Dart, World, and Ford Boss with ribbed engine mount bosses and bulged water

Caster wheel kits are sold separately. Standard duty cradles accept wheel kits with 3/8″ studs while their heavy duty cradles accept wheel kits with 1/2″ studs.
These are hard rubber wheel kits available with locking wheels, ideal for storing spare engines in trailer.
Four wheels per kit.

Standard Wheel Kits: Heavy Duty Wheel Kits:
P/N ALL10162 (3″ Dia. Kit) P/N ALL10164 (3″ Dia. Kit)
P/N ALL10163 (3″ Dia. With Locking Kit) P/N ALL10165 (3″ Dia. With Locking Kit)
P/N ALL10166 (5″ Dia. Kit)


Ease engine swapping with Allstar Engine Lit plates.

P/N ALL10123 (Std. Holley 4150/4160 & 4500 Dominator, Rochester Quadrajet, Carter, Motorcraft, Edelbrock, Edelbrock Q-Jet and Carter AFB carburetors)
P/N ALL10125 (Ford EFI Engines, Std. 5.0L5.8L, EFI intakes: OEM, GT-40, Cora, Holley, Edelbrock)
P/N ALL10140 (LS GM Gen III engine)
P/N ALL10143 (LS GM Gen IV engine)


This tool is a must when installing cam bearings in SBCs. Install bearings quickly and easily without damage. Shaft is steel while the pilot and driver are aluminum.
P/N ALL96470


This plastic tool slips over 3/8″ or 7/16″ rod bolts to aid piston installation and eliminates the chance of rod bolts hitting crank.
A must for any engine builder’s toolbox.
P/N ALL96480



Kit includes an assortment of 60, 80 and 120 grit cartridge rolls for cleaning and modifying intake and exhaust ports to match gaskets, remove casting marks and for smoothing out runners. Two
1/4″ mandrels are included with each kit.
P/N  ALL11052



There are many more quality, affordable and practical Allstar performance products to make your projects easier.
Click here to check our their catalogue.



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