AEM 8-Channel K-Type EGT CAN Module

The 8-Channel K-Type Thermocouple EGT CAN Module PN 30-2224 from AEM lets racers and enthusiasts install eight K-type thermocouple sensors onto their vehicle and receive data from the sensors via a one-plug CAN bus connection. It connects out of the box to AEM’s CD Digital Dashes and can be configured to send data to virtually any CAN-based receiving device that has programmable CAN bus capability.

The eight miniature K-type connectors can accept up to eight K-type thermocouple sensors (PN 30-2067—sold separately in packs of one, two, and four). These can be used for viewing and logging various temperatures, including exhaust gas temps (EGTs), cylinder head temps, pre and post intercooler temps, air temps, water temps, fluid temps, disc brake temps, and more. Users can even connect two modules to receive up to 16 temperature channels through the same CAN bus connection.


  • 8 K-type thermocouple inputs accept common K-type thermocouple sensors (sensors sold separately).
  • Uses common miniature thermocouple sockets.
  • Daisy-chain two modules together for up to 16 temp inputs through a single plug.
  • Outputs all channels via configurable CAN bus with one-plug connection (DTM-style connection cables sold separately in various lengths).
  • Preconfigured AEMnet CAN bus for plug and play connection to CD Digital Dashes (not compatible with Infinity, Series 2, or AQ-1 at this time).
  • Cold junction compensated for lab-grade accuracy (+/- 0.15% full scale).
  • Measures temperatures from -328° to 2,501° F (-200° to 1,372° C).
  • Temperature resolution 32.18° F (0.1° C).
  • Integrated open circuit/fault detection.
  • Includes 8-Channel K-Type EGT CAN Module, 4-pin DTM-style connector plug, instructions, and hook-and-loop mounting material.


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