Advancd Clutch Technology (ACT)


It is important to match the proper ACT clutch system with the vehicle and its intended use! Knowing what characteristics you want in a clutch and the power capability of the engine is important. Let Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) experience help you to find the best clutch setup for your vehicle and your driving needs. They offer a wide range of options for most applications, ranging from street use to all-out racing.


ACT uses state-of-the art material element analysis and laboratory testing to make various clutches, kits, and flywheels used by motorsports enthusiasts at many levels. Each ACT clutch product has been tested for clamp load, friction, pedal feel, and working range among others, to achieve the very best performance.

To help guide you to make the best selection, ACT has made it easier for you to narrow down your selection, click here for assistance to choose which clutch is best for your application & usage.

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