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Design Engineering Inc.: Flexible Heat Shields

Introducing a new finish option, flexible heat shields from Design Engineering Inc. provide maximum cooling and protection against extreme heat (up to 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit) on any auto, marine, or powersports application. Heat shields are also ideal for protecting gas tanks, body panels, bumpers, and more. Previously available in Brushed Stainless and Brushed ONYX, DEI flexible heat shields are […]

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Auburn Gear: MAX Lock Locker Locking Differential

For high-traction results on the street, strip, track, or on- or off-road, the MAX Lock Locker locking differential from Auburn Gear is up to the task. Automatic MAX Lock Lockers provide optimized traction for both two- and four-wheel drive applications—even under the most unforgiving conditions. Enjoy enhanced power transfer to the wheels, rapid reaction to road-condition changes, […]

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FiTech (39610): Go EFI Tri-Power 600HP System

If you want to keep your muscle car look while upgrading to modern day EFI technology, check out the new Go EFI Tri-Power 600 HP system from FiTech. No special manifold needed for the retro-style 3×2 Go EFI system: it bolts on to most six-pack manifolds and is compatible with factory air intake systems. Adding EFI […]

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NEW PRODUCT – Gripty Flex-Mate

Multi-Use Flexible Anti-Slip Tray POWERFUL GRIP: The unique Flex-Mate material holds tools up to a 70° angle. Slip-resistant. MULTIPURPOSE: Several applications like car, construction, aviation, boat, farm, home, bicycle and many more. PROTECT: Prevents scratches on delicate surfaces. ORGANIZED: Keep your tools handy and visible. FLEXIBLE: For any work surface. WASHABLE: Easy to clean up with a damp rag or soapy water. MORE FEATURES: Light, Easy […]

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PerTronix: Plug-and-Play Flame-Thrower Billet Distributors

Featuring PerTronix’s exclusive and patented Ignitor II or Ignitor III electronics, CNC-polished Flame-Thrower billet distributors offer maximum ignition performance and easy installation thanks to plug-and-play connectivity. And because of their small size, these distributors are an excellent choice for tight engine compartments. Factory set with a performance advance curve, with additional springs provided for custom curves. […]

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